S2S is Looking for a Few Good Writers


At the end of July, I put up a “help wanted” ad on our site as I was looking to add two additional writers to the S2S team. That call was answered and it resulted in Ryne Misso joining our team. Of course since then, James Benoit left our staff to take over editorial duties on our network’s St. Louis Cardinals site, Redbird Rants.

While I am very happy that James was promoted, his departure put us back to where we were prior to Ryne’s hiring and I would still like to bolster our ranks as we head into the “offseason” (which really exists in name only). For a site such as ours, the offseason is when we are at our finest. The fall and winter months are the season for prospect lists and rankings. It’s a time to take stock in all the MiLB and draft happenings that took place during the 2012 season and use that information to assess the state of each of the 30 farm systems and the future prospects of each of team’s minor league players.

We have a lot of big plans for this offseason, but for us to tackle some of the projects we’d like to, we’re going to need some additional help.

If you’re interested in writing for Seedlings to Stars, I encourage you to apply for a spot as a Staff Writer. The expectation that comes with this role is a bare minimum of 4 articles/month, though obviously we’re looking to add writers that can post a little more frequently than that (approximately 6-8+/month).

Online writing experience is not a prerequisite, but obviously applicants should have a strong knowledge base and/or passion when it comes to prospects, MiLB, and/or the MLB draft. At the present time our SW positions are unpaid but there are other – non-monetary – benefits writing for our site and for being a part of the FanSided Sports Network.

If you are interested in possibly landing a spot on our team or if you’d like to discuss the details more in depth, the first step is to follow this link and fill out our network’s online application. Naturally once your application comes in, I will review it and be in touch with you to discuss the opportunity further.