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Baltimore Orioles Notes: Nick Markakis


The Baltimore Orioles learned yesterday that right fielder Nick Markakis will miss six weeks of action after being diagnosed with a broken thumb. For a team that comes into today at 78-61 and tied with the Yankees for the top spot in the AL East, this is obviously a huge blow, as the O’s are unlikely to see Markakis again in 2012 barring an appearance in the later stages of the playoffs.

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Markakis, 28, will finish the regular season with a solid .298/.363/.471 triple slash line, good for a .357 wOBA. Despite contributing negative win totals in the field (-7.8 UZR) and on the bases (-0.6), Markakis has been the fourth most productive position player in Baltimore this season with nearly 2.0 WAR.

The Orioles have managed to get this far despite the oft-mentioned negative run differential, so if any team figures to overcome an injury to a key player for what could prove to be a critical final stretch of the regular season, it’s them. That said, it won’t be easy to replace the steady production of Markakis. Despite having never received any All-Star attention, the right fielder is a consistent run producer with a career 117 +wRC, and he will be missed in Baltimore’s middle-of-the-pack offense.

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