Youngest MLB Player Jurickson Profar Turns Heads In Texas


Although I’m only in my early twenties, there are times when I read things in the newspaper, or have something catch my eye on TV that makes me feel old.

The Spice Girls are reuniting for the Olympic closing ceremonies in London? That’s SO 1996!

Family Matters re-runs are on ABC Family? Sweet!

Wait, you remember what Surge is?! Awesome!

But for whatever reason, when I heard that Texas Rangers September call-up Jurickson Profar was born in 1993, making him the youngest player in the Majors, I felt like I should probably be checking my mail for the AARP catalog.

Ok, ok, so I was a little dramatic. I’m not much older than this guy, right, right. But for some reason, that just sounds weird to me; a kid being born in 1993 that’s now playing in the Major Leagues.

Jurickson Profar throws to first (Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE)

As mentioned above, Texas brought him to “the show” as a September call-up. I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re in need of his hot bat—I think the Rangers are more concerned about how their pitching is going to hold up throughout October. After all, as you may recall, they had the St. Louis Cardinals down to their final out (twice!) in Game 6 of last year’s World Series, couldn’t kill them off, the Cards forced a Game 7…and the rest is history.

Texas’ immediate plan is to use him sparingly when Ian Kinsler or Nelson Cruz needs a day off. However, Profar could be around for the long haul next spring. If Josh Hamilton takes off for another team via free agency, and Nelson Cruz follows a year after, that would leave some gaping offensive holes in Texas’ lineup.

And as a result, Texas hopes Profar can slide in and fill the gaps. Perhaps Texas will try to put together a deal involving either Kinsler or Elvis Andrus, with the thought that Profar could be their everyday second basemen or shortstop a lot earlier than most people expect.

Profar is truly a can’t miss prospect. His athleticism and defense are top-notch, and his offensive skills are very impressive as well.

While he might not have the blistering numbers of a Nick Castellanos-type player, a .281 average with 14 HR and 62 RBI in “AA” Frisco is nothing to shake a stick at.

While Texas’ offensive firepower makes it easy to overlook the young guns in the Rangers’ farm system, fans will be getting an eyeful of the young Jurickson Profar as the regular season winds down in Texas.

After homering in his first at-bat, the speculation really began to heat up.

While it’s unclear right now what exactly Texas is going to do with him in the immediate future, he’ll undoubtedly be part of Texas’ double play combo in the near future—unless Nolan Ryan gets crafty and deals him (as opposed to dealing Elvis Andrus) to another team.


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