Neil Young Predicts the World Series


It’s common knowledge that successful musicians are smarter people than us normal folk. They like, know how to play guitar and keyboard and stuff, and they always have really neat haircuts. Some of them even went to college. It makes sense, then, that we should turn to these successful songsmiths when it comes to matters of life, love, and sport. This very thing happened earlier today on the popular internet chat destination Twitter, where Canadian Lumberjack Neil Young solicited questions from the drooling masses. One of the queries that was answered may be of some interest to the reader of online baseball content, as it was about the World Series and who Mr. Young thought would win.

It turns out that Neil is not wrong, and knows what he’s talking about when it comes to baseball. Either Detroit will win the World Series or San Francisco will win the World Series. Neil Young did not predict that San Diego would win the World Series, so I believe we should accept his expertise and adjust our lives accordingly. Not only is Neil Young a very prolific and talented musician, he is also a baseball expert. This should only strengthen our admiration of the man. Take this very important and critical knowledge with you and share it with friends and loved ones.

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