Come Write for Seedlings to Stars


No good sports network can exist without trying to cover the game as a whole, which is what we always strive to do here at FanSided. Here in our MLB Division, our coverage just simply wouldn’t be complete with a side dedicated to the minor leagues. It’s far too integral a part of the game. We’ve been fortunate here at Seedlings to Stars since the site’s creation 18 months ago. Wally (with some great help along the way) was fundamental in building a strong foundation that remains in tact, he personally authored more than a third of the site’s history, and he’s started to build a loyal audience who have come to expect great things from the S2S team throughout the year.

With Wally’s departure, new opportunities are being created and that is where you, our readers, can step into the batter’s box and help out.

Naturally, the site is in need of an Editor – someone with a love for the game, a passion for the minor leagues, and an affinity for prospects. Prior writing experience isn’t a requirement – though it doesn’t hurt – provided you can clearly convey your thoughts and ideas. Perhaps the biggest benefit of joining our team are the exposure opportunities and the ability to retain editorial control of the site yourself, but we do also offer our Editors the chance for revenue sharing provided they can meet certain criteria:

> Essentially a daily posting scheduled (30+ per month)

> Maintain The Hub

> Manage the site’s presence on social media (specifically Twitter and Facebook)

> Help lead the staff

> And others

Think you might have some interest in joining the S2S team but can’t see yourself posting daily? Well, that might be ok too. We’re always on the lookout to make some quality additions to our current staff. Our Staff Writer position is an unpaid role and we do ask for a post or two a week, but there are plenty of other benefits to joining the network and our team.

Interested? Want to know more? Head on over and complete our network’s application and we’ll be in touch from there.