Josh Hamilton on Orioles’ Wish List


The Baltimore Orioles probably won more games than they should have in 2012 and they did so by getting surprising contributions from Nate McLouth in left field.

According to Jon Morosi, Baltimore is looking to upgrade that position going forward and they’ve set their gaze upon Josh Hamilton and Cody Ross as potential targets.

Baltimore aiming high for their left field opening. Image: Tim Heitman-US PRESSWIRE

The Orioles have been trying to give their money to a big name free agent for years and are consistently spurned thanks to their lack of success as a franchise. But after a Wild Card run that ended in a five-game Division Series loss to the Yankees, maybe Baltimore can use that momentum to land the marquee hitter they’ve been seeking seemingly every year.

Morosi notes that Hamilton’s contract demands are exorbitant and cautions that Baltimore spent only around $85 million on payroll this year. That said, owner Peter Angelos spent the better part of a decade trying to spend his club to the playoff before finally relenting only a few years ago. Very few owners in baseball have pockets as deep as his and he’s shown the willingness to spend big.

I’d argue that the higher the bidding goes for Hamilton, the better the odds are that he winds up in Baltimore. I wouldn’t call them the front-runner for his services, but he’s had success at Camden Yards (his four home run game came there) and it’s a notorious hitters park. I’m sure the idea of pelting the warehouse with home runs is appealing.

Hamilton to the Orioles actually seems like a pretty good fit. If Baltimore decides to spend, they have the resources to land him.