Diamondbacks to Sign Brandon McCarthy


The Arizona Diamondbacks took a break from sifting through three and four team trade proposals and came to terms with free agent right hander Brandon McCarthy on Friday. The deal is reported to be for two years and worth a total of $15 million.

McCarthy made a full recovery from brain surgery after a horrific line drive off his head in September. Image: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Given the inflated prices for free agents thus far this Winter, that figure seems low for a guy who has posted a combined 3.29 ERA in the American League over the past two seasons. Of course, even with the success McCarthy has had, the issue with him has always been staying healthy enough to pitch.

McCarthy missed the entire 2010 season with injury and has never made more than 25 starts in any season. He’s also thrown more than 111 innings exactly once, in 2011. Of course, McCarthy would have made  it two years in a row if not for the line drive that struck him in the head during a start in September.

McCarthy has made a full recovery from the subsequent surgery alleviate the swelling in his brain and Arizona is betting that his shoulder will hold up just fine as well.

The Diamondbacks were one of many teams in pursuit of McCarthy, though they already had a deep rotation. This move will make it easier to stomach trading one or more young starters to fill other needs, such as acquiring a shortstop.