A-Rod May Never Play Again


The New York Daily News reported a few days ago that sources close to them are reporting that former AL MVP and All Star 3B, Alex Rodriguez may never don the pinstripes of the New York Yankees again. It wouldn’t matter what the outcome of these new allegations of Rodriguez using performance enhancing drugs, but more so the fact that his current injury is going to lead to hip surgery which may end his career or force him into such a limited role that he would consider retirement or even a settlement of the final five years and $114 million left on his current contract.

Rodriguez underwent his second hip surgery earlier in last month and had begun rehabbing in Miami when the New York Daily News reported that he was one of the numerous names of athletes that had been involved with Anthony Bosch, who is the subject of several drug investigations.

Rodriguez has already admitted to using performance enhancing drugs. In February of 2009, David Epstein and Selena Roberts of Sports Illustrated reported that he had tested positive for two anabolic steroids while he was playing for the Texas Rangers. He would also win his first AL MVP that year.  The 2003 test results were supposed to remain anonymous and the samples destroyed. A master list of 104 players was seized during the BALCO investigation which led to Rodriguez being outed.

Rodriguez admitted to steroid use back in his Rangers playing days but has denied the new allegations. MLB has stated they plan to look into this matter and could hand out 50 game suspensions if the evidence warrants it.

The Yankees have already been rumored to want out of Rodriguez’s contract and may do any and everything possible to do just that. Whether or not they will be able to and have a leg to stand on remains to be seen, but it may not matter as this new injury may force A-Rod into retirement.