Should the Phillies trade away their players?


Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Phillies have a big decision to make, and it needs to be made right now. Should they trade, or should they stick with what they have? With players such as Cliff Lee, Chase Utley, and Carlos Ruiz on a team having little success many teams are trying to make moves for players like these. I don’t think that they should make any big moves but that’s for Ruben Amaro Jr. to decide.

Right now, Philadelphia sits 8 games behind Cincinnati for the second Wild Card spot in the National League. Nobody expects Philly to buy, but should they sell? Should they get rid of players such as Michael Young, Cliff Lee, or Carlos Ruiz or should they try to make a serious run for the playoffs. Many teams have interest in a closer, where they could try to come and get Jonathon Papelbon. One team that needs a closer is Detroit. Should these two teams make a deal? That depends on whats on the table.

There has also been talks of Michael Young going to Boston, which is not likely to happen since they have already made a deal. Now some reports are saying that Young would waive his no-trade clause if  he were to go to the Yankees. This would work out tremendously for the Yankees as they are likely to be with A-Rod for at least this season and most likely another season or two to come.

Carlos Ruiz also might be being shopped around. Maybe a team like St. Louis would want to try and see about getting him. With Yadier Molina now being placed on the disabled list they might need someone to come in and help out. Ruiz could also be shipped to the American League to catch or maybe even DH.

Chase Utley and Cliff Lee are two players who have been talked about who are not likely to go anywhere. With Cliff Lee signed on a large contract very few teams would be willing to pick up that kind of cash right now. Utley probably won’t be going anywhere either because he is the face of the franchise, and has had some injury problems so teams might now want to take a chance on him.

In the end, Philadelphia needs to make a decision and it needs to be made now. Should they trade people away or should they take what they have? The Phillies are a team who expects to compete every year, so they need to think in terms of the long run as they make this very important decision.