Fantasy Baseball: Find Your SweetSpot – $100,000 Up for Grabs from Call to the Pen


Our friends at 1-day fantasy sports site have been shelling out cash all season long, and are ending the baseball season with a bang in conjunction with Call to the Pen to give away $100,000 in their $100,000 Sweet Spot Giveaway.

Win your ticket now for as little as $2, or buy-in directly for $100. The winner will be paid out $20,000.

DraftKings is a relatively new take on traditional fantasy sports that has taken the industry by storm. At DraftKings, you pick a new team every time you want to play. Choosing from the list of available players, you pick the best possible team under DraftKings’ allotted salary cap. After that you enter, watch the games live on DraftKings’ innovative Gamecenter, and collect your winnings as soon as the games are over.

DraftKings is also getting geared up for football in a big way – they are offering the first ever $1 million contest in fantasy history Week 1. If you deposit today you’ll win a free entry into the Week 1 $30,000 contest.