Let’s Lighten The Mood: Rene Lachemann Offers Wisdom To Young Fans


David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

If you keep track of the hot topics in Major League Baseball, then you are surely aware that the battle between old school and new school is a go-to narrative these days. It drove the MVP debate after the 2012 season, which somehow turned into a discussion about “new school” saber-metrics and some sort of perceived attack on the old school, old fashioned values of baseball “at its finest.”

Which is all hogwash. Any claim to be old school is usually disingenuous and based on some revisionist history. There was plenty of fun baseball dialogue to be had without creating this faux dichotomy. The same can be said for the more recent conversations about Yasiel Puig and whether or not he needs to be settled down and taught some lessons about playing baseball “the right way.”

All I’m saying is, this “old school” label simply isn’t very useful in those conversations. But you know when it is awesome to recognize the value in being old school? When you watch this video of Colorado Rockies first base coach Rene Lachemann as he reminds a kid to act like a kid, and be a good kid for that matter (from YouTube):

This is the kind of old school perspective we could all use. It’s not even awesome for being “old school” as it is for just taking a step back and simplifying some aspects of life. It’s a message for kids, sure, but adults can sure use it too, baseball fans or otherwise.

This wasn’t the first time this season that Lachemann has been caught on video imparting wisdom on a young fan, and in this instance from earlier this season at Coors Field, he really goes out with a bang (from YouTube):