Jose Abreu is the next big star to come out of Cuba. Just like Jose Abreu is the next big star to come out of Cuba. Just like

Jose Abreu: Where Does He End Up?


Jose Abreu is the next big star to come out of Cuba. Just like Yoenis Cespedes, Yasiel Puig, and Aroldis Chapman – Abreu will go to the highest bidder. No one can know for sure who is going to sign the big slugging right-hander but one thing is for sure, he will help the team that signs him tremendously. Abreu has a great body, and his power is like any other. Abreu coming to Major League Baseball will only make the game better, as it will show other great Cuban players that they can do it as well. Here is who has a shot at picking up Abreu this off season.

Boston Red Sox-  The Red Sox do have a first baseman in Mike Napoli, but he is only under contract through this year. Napoli who started out hot for the Sox has really cooled down in the second half of the season. Do the Red Sox want to risk signing him to a long term deal since he will be turning 32? The better option would be to go after the younger Abreu. He would be a perfect fit for the Green Monster at Fenway and the Sox have the money to sign him. It will be key to see what the Red Sox do this off season at first base.

New York Mets- The New York Mets are changing the way they do things. They are building players in the minors and making them into big leaguers. The pitching will be excellent for years to come with Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler at the helm of the rotation. The Mets need to go out and get a big name if they want to contend in 2014. Ike Davis isn’t working out so why not go after Abreu? He would be a great fit with David Wright at third and him at first. Citi Field plays big, but if the rumors are true Abreu shouldn’t have any problems putting them in the outfield seats.

Texas Rangers- The Rangers missed out on Chris Davis‘ power surge, as he only started hitting homers once he left Texas. Mitch Moreland isn’t the long term man either. The Rangers always have a great offense with a lot of power and Abreu would play right into that. On those hot summer days in Arlington, the ball flies out of the ball park and that will only benefit Abreu. The Rangers will possibly lose Nelson Cruz due to performance enhancing drugs, so Abreu could fill his void. The Rangers are falling apart as we speak, because the offense isn’t scoring enough runs, Abreu could fix that problem.

Another candidate for Abreu could include the Pittsburgh Pirates as they are trying to find players to keep a winning team. Gabby Sanchez and Garrett Jones aren’t getting the job done, and Abreu would fill in nicely hitting behind Andrew McCutchen. Another team could be the Oakland Athletics, it is doubtful but still a possibility. Abreu joining former Cuban star Yoenis Cespedes would be a cool moment for the both of them. Everyone in baseball is waiting to see where he will end up, but for now we will have to just hope that he lands on our favorite team.