Robinson Cano Asked Yankees for $310 Million


Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

10-year, $310M deal would top ARod’s.

So what many specualte could be the most lucrative contract in MLB history might take a little time to get finalized reports Wallace Matthews of New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano says he hasn’t sat down with anyone to talk about the entire situation including how active the Yankees will be in any attempt to obtain free agents. Cano will take his time.

The chances appear to have significantly increased the Pinstripes won’t get a deal done prior a negotiating window teams have with its potential free agents. That window closes six days after the end of the World Series. That would certainly mean that Cano and Roc Nation will open the bidding. Actually, they may have set the bar.

According to a tweet from Joel Sherman of the New York Post, the Cano camp asked the Yankees for a ten-year, $310 million deal. Yes, you read correctly. $310 million, but it’s a figure thought to be in play.

The Yankees said no. The sides have not meant since that day.

But Sherman adds in another tweet Cano was offered a deal similar to David Wright (8 years, $138 million). Another offer was made for for 7 years with a range of $23-$24 million per year. These offers seem far off from what Sherman reports the Cano camp put forth.

Is Cano worth that much? In this day and age of big contracts that almost always reach albatross proportions, there this to consider…

Simon followed with this…

Why the 31-40 range? Cano will be 31 on the 22nd of this month. Of those four names Simon listed, Morgan is in the Hall of Fame and played until he was 40. Biggio will likely be enshrined soon. He played until he was 41. Kent had his MVP season at 32. His bWAR for that season was 7.2. He also had a season of 7.0 two years later. Kent played until he was 40. Whitaker played until he was 38. In those eight seasons, Whitaker had four seasons with a bWAR of at least 4.0.

One thing that might not bode well for the Yankees is that Cano reportedly had thoughts of today being his final game in Yankee Stadium. This comes from Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News.

The negotiations between Cano and the club have the potential of reaching epic proportions and were not just talking about the contract terms. When that six-day window closes, surely the big money will come forward. It’s long been speculated that the Los Angeles Dodgers would be one team interested in Cano’s services.

We know Magic and company aren’t afraid to spend.