Carlos Gomez is a feat that most NL pitchers struggle..."/> Carlos Gomez is a feat that most NL pitchers struggle..."/>

The All Stop-Carlos-Gomez-Before-He-Gets-to-Home-Plate Team

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Left Field: Matt Holliday

Outside of the intimidating stature, Matt Holliday has one other thing going for him, one of the most intimidating quotes of all time.

As hate filled garbage and beer containers rained down on Turner Field, Holliday lingered a bit longer than he should have. It appeared as though a beer bottle hit Holliday as it soared in from the stands. In a post-game interview with TBS, Holliday dropped an impressively intimidating line. When asked if he was hurt by any of the debris fired onto the field, Holliday said “Nay, A bottle wouldn’t hurt me.”

If a bottle from the upper deck wouldn’t hurt him, what makes you think Carlos Gomez could.

Center Field: Carlos Gomez

In the shocker of the list, Carlos Gomez is stating in center. As surprising as it may be, it is actually easy to explain.

Carlos Gomez is the one who should have stopped Carlos Gomez last night. He had no business shouting at the pitcher all the way around the bases, and if he was thinking clearly, he wouldn’t have.

Alternatively, if anyone would have done that against the Brewers, Gomez would beat him to second and but a potentially violent end to that nonsense.

Right Field: Hunter Pence

Anyone brave enough to sport a beard like that for more than a month is brave enough to stop Gomez. Also, I watched almost every inning of the NLCS last year and I didn’t see him blink a single time.

Anyone with that much focus paired with his passion for the game and his habit of pounding Red Bulls make Pence a staple on this team.

Starter: Chris Carpenter

Although he has not pitched a single game this season, Chris Carpenter is a simple selection for this squad. He pitched until he couldn’t feel the side of his face, he had a rib removed in an attempt to solve the issue then he pitched until he lost feeling in his fingers.

He once put Brendan Ryan, his ASCGBHTHPT roster-mate, on blast for not having the right glove and delaying his warm-up process.

He once insulted Johnny Cueto‘s fighting style after some misplaced cleats ended Jason LaRue‘s career.

He knows how to fight, and he is more than willing if the time arises.