Carlos Gomez is a feat that most NL pitchers struggle..."/> Carlos Gomez is a feat that most NL pitchers struggle..."/>

The All Stop-Carlos-Gomez-Before-He-Gets-to-Home-Plate Team

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Relief Pitcher: Grant Balfour

This aggressive Aussie is more intense than any, and the only thing that would keep him from blasting Gomez is his nasty stuff. If, somehow, Gomez got a hold of a Balfour heater, Grant would be shouting at Gomez before he could even get started.

Manager: Buck Showalter

Heading the Squad would be an old school tough guy who doesn’t take nothing from nobody. Buck is back on the bench again leading this O’s to back-to-back winning seasons, but, more importantly, he is the leading man in plenty of scraps. Most of these dust ups have been with umpires, like the one pictured above, but Showalter does not discriminate. The one that tops the list is his dispute with Joe Girardi over sign stealing. If I had to guess what Showalter said to Girardi it would be something like this.

“If you don’t want me to steal your signs, maybe you should have more complex signs.”

Bench Coach: Mark McGwire

I wasn’t going to put in another coach, but then I remembered a brawl from earlier this season. If it had happened in the early 90’s, it would have been the biggest name brawl in the sport, McGwire put Matt Williams into a death grip while Don Mattingly and Kirk Gibson egged them on.

He May have grey in his beard, well, it’s all grey, but that doesn’t mean he is any less intimidating.

So there it is. Lets see your list, feel free to post your’s in the comments section.