Here’s Video Of Masahiro Tanaka Dancing With Tiny Women On a Japanese TV Show


This may be why Masahiro Tanaka is so eager to pitch in America. There are no goofy TV shows like this in America. If he comes to MLB, he’ll never have to endure this weirdness again. The weirdest thing he’ll ever see over here is Ken Rosenthal. Compared to the stuff that goes on in Japan, Ken Rosenthal is nothing.

What is that dance they’re doing? Is that the Japanese chicken dance? I didn’t think the chicken dance could get stupider and more awkward, then I saw that.

Tanaka seems genuinely uncomfortable in the video. Obviously this guy is all-business. Sure, he’ll do weird appearances, cause it’s part of the gig. But it’s not what he’s about. He’s all about bringing heat.

Next year he’ll probably be bringing heat in America, maybe for the Cubs. Oh man, what if he gets signed by the Cubs? He’ll quickly wish he was back in Japan dancing with tiny women on television.

Wrigley smells like garbage according to Ichiro. Has anyone told Tanaka?

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