Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs bacon logo hats are sort of silly


The minor league Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs have a straightforward somewhat angry looking iron pig as their main logo. The logo for their alternate caps is a strip of bacon.

This is ridiculous on multiple levels. One, I’m pretty sure you can’t even make bacon out of an iron pig. If you could it would be iron bacon and who the hell wants to eat iron bacon?

10 out of 10 dentists recommend you do not eat iron bacon unless you want a mouth full of broken teeth.

Secondly, isn’t the bacon logo sort of looking at things backward? You’re the Iron Pigs, right? What’s the worst thing that can happen to a pig, iron or otherwise?

Being made into bacon. That is clearly the worst fate that can befall a pig.

So if you have bacon on your hat, isn’t that sort of like saying, “We’re dead. We suck. We’re bacon?”

That would be like the Orioles replacing the live Oriole on their hat with a dead Oriole. No team with any self respect would depict itself as being dead on its own hat.

The Lehigh Valley people didn’t think this thing through. They rushed to jump on the bacon bandwagon without considering what they were really saying.

Now they’re just inviting teams to eat them. What are they, a Russian hockey coach?

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