Call to the Pen’s All NL West team

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

If you have been following these posts, you might be familiar with this, but for those that haven’t here’s the explanation:

Each Call to the Pen staff member received a ballot with those players that were expected to start at their respective position as presented on MLB Depth Charts. Each team within the division had one and only one representative on the ballot for each position, non-closing reliever and closer. For these areas of the voting, points were assigned based on their finish. A first place voted constituted one point while a fifth place vote garnered five points. The player with the lowest point total was named as the division’s top selection.

For the starting pitchers, the voting was conducted a bit differently.

Each staff member was asked to rank the top ten starters within the division. To determine the starting rotation, a two-tiered system was put in place.

The first criteria was the number of ballots on which each pitcher appeared. The second was total points received with fewer points used as any form of a tie-breaker. The same process took place in awarding points as with the positions previously mentioned, but there was one difference. Points were given with one point for a first place nod and so on up to ten points being awarded for tenth.

With all of that out of our way, here’s your 2014 preseason All NL West team…