White Sox rolled out the red carpet for Adam Dunn’s return from Oscars


photo credit: imgur

Is Adam Dunn getting too Hollywood now that he’s a big-time movie producer?

The slugging DH was an investor on the acclaimed film Dallas Buyers Club, and he even had a cameo in the movie as a bartender.

Despite being enmeshed in spring training, Dunn could not resist the chance to go to the Oscars Sunday night and walk the red carpet. He sat in the audience with all the beautiful people and watched Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey snag awards for starring in the movie he helped finance.

Dunn can brag that he was in a scene with both Oscar winners.

Maybe Dunn’s White Sox teammates are worried he’s going to start thinking he’s a big deal now? That would explain the snarky little locker room gag they fixed up for Dunn when he returned to spring training from his trip to Tinseltown.

A red carpet to welcome Dunn back into the somewhat less glamorous realm of spring training baseball? Perfect.

I think Dunn got the message about not going Hollywood. But I don’t think we ever had to worry about that anyway.

Dunn is so non-Hollywood in his blood that he didn’t even bother shelling out dough for a good tux to wear to the ceremony.

“Don’t tell me you’re going to go into name brands,” Dunn said when asked by the Chicago Tribune about his Oscar-night attire. “Men’s Wearhouse, I think, I don’t even know.”

He may be a big-time producer and actor now, but he’s still a baseball-smacking dirtbag at heart.


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