Pat Sajak rips Clark the Cub on Wheel of Fortune


Most game show banter is completely tame and harmless. But Pat Sajak totally blew up that rule with this exchange with a contestant from Chicago.

Nobody is supposed to get hurt, Sajak. It’s Wheel of Fortune.

Wheel of Fortune, that’s a safe zone. A dude in a bear suit should be able to watch Wheel of Fortune without worrying he’ll get his feelings crushed into dust.

Think about those hard working corporate drones from the Cubs. They spent an entire weekend conceiving Clark the Cub.

Sure, they were in Jamaica getting totally stoned on amazing ganja at the time. But still. Work was done. Someone had to draw the thing and stuff.

It’s for kids Sajak! Just leave it be!

I expect that kind of thing from snarky jerks like Michael Wilbon, but not you Sajak.

Not you.

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