NL East spring training update

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New York Mets

One of the problems the Mets face is that starting shortstop Ruben Tejada is not panning out.  He has a .083 batting average and only 12 AB so far, and New York has been rumored to be working out a trade for the Mariners’ Nick Franklin.  Franklin would seem to be an upgrade despite having to switch positions in the infield, but it is anyone’s guess as to how he would perform in the Big Apple.  Some players thrive in a big market and others fold under the immense pressure, especially coming from a small market such as Seattle.

David Wright also has had no success since spring training started, but he has proven himself year after year to produce once the games count.  The big signing for the Mets, Curtis Granderson, is coming off an injury plagued season and has a .263 batting average with two home runs in 19 AB.  A potential comeback player of the year, Granderson would be a warm welcome for a Mets team that is limited in power with the lack of production from Ike Davis, who may not even make the team with his injury from 2013 still looming.

Zack Wheeler has been a pleasant surprise not allowing a run in 6.0 innings pitched so far.  New York needs to find an ace to replace injured Matt Harvey.  Free agent signee Bartolo Colon does not appear to be the answer so far, despite his all-star season just a year ago in Oakland.