Hank the Dog arrives in Milwaukee to (too) much fanfare


In the most heralded arrival since the Beatles landed in New York, Hank the Dog has officially touched down in Milwaukee.

The stray-pup-turned-Brewers-mascot flew into Beer Town on Sunday, and as you might imagine, there was a whole big to do.

Mayor Tom Barrett was among those who showed up to welcome Hank. Because what politician would turn down the opportunity to do a photo op with such a beloved pooch?

And of course there was a cake. Because cake.

All right the cake maybe is a bit much. Should dogs even be eating cake? Isn’t it bad for their tummies?

Look Brewers, it was cute at first, but now I think we’re at the Hank saturation point. From here on out, we need to dial back on the Hank. It’s starting to seem a tad exploitative IMO.

How many mascots does one franchise need anyway? You’ve got Bernie. You’ve got the sausages. You’ve got Ricky Weeks.

And now you have a stray dog you adopted and the PR department turned him into a celebrity.

It’s like Geico having the lizard and the caveman. Do you really need a lizard and a caveman? Isn’t that overkill?

Time to retire someone. I say put Weeks out to pasture. And let poor little Hank have a rest.

Let us have a break from Hankmania before it turns into Hank backlash.

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