Michael Cuddyer says Colorado Rockies are a playoff team


Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

"No question. I don’t think there’s a question at all,” said Michael Cuddyer, who led the National League with a .331 average last season. “Obviously, health is a huge thing, but that’s in any clubhouse. If we remain healthy, I think there’s absolutely no question that this could be a playoff team and should be a playoff team."

Those were the words from Colorado Rockies right fielder Michael Cuddyer when asked if the Colorado Rockies were a playoff contender by Benjamin Hochman of The Denver Post. Gotta love spring training and the confidence it brings, huh? If Cuddyer’s your teammate, you gotta love it.

Cuddyer and Hochman point to the one issue that seemingly bites the Rockies in their rocks every season: injuries. Injuries have a way of deflating a team, especially when two of baseball’s best players (Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez) routinely appear on your club’s disabled list. Add in another fact Hochman mentions regarding the newly acquired Brett Anderson and free agent signee Justin Morneau, and well, you can see why health will be paramount for the 2014 Rockies.

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But even if the Rockies can remain healthy, are they a legitimate playoff contender? Unless you’re an optimistic Rockies fan or a player in that clubhouse, can you honestly believe what Cuddyer is saying? Maybe I should rephrase that. Can you buy what Cuddyer is selling?

Here’s the odds Bovada has for the 2014 Rox: +1600 to win their division (longest shot among NL West teams), 40/1 to win the NL pennant (only the Marlins have longer odds at 50/1), and 75/1 to win it all. Other teams at 75/1: New York Mets and Chicago Cubs. That might speak for itself.

But baseball can be a strange game. Those “things” have to fall just so for Colorado to land in the postseason. Cuddyer might be onto something here. Quick history…

I can’t recall many people picking the 2010 Cincinnati Reds to win the NL Central. I don’t remember many media folk and experts tabbing the 2012 Oakland A’s to take the AL West. And who can seriously state they envisioned what the Boston Red Sox accomplished last year?

As we always hear/say: “That’s why they play the games.”