Minnesota Twins AGM: “You’d like to see some guys step up and do something.”


Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

There are some roster spots available in order to make the Minnesota Twins Opening Day roster. Well, that’s most likely the case with all of the other 29 teams, but there’s something amiss from Twins camp…

Berardino has this more detailed quote from Antony.

"“There’s still guys battling it out,” Antony said. “I wish somebody would step up and earn a job. Nobody’s really doing that, all these guys that are in competition. (Aaron) Hicks hasn’t been anything special this spring. Neither has (Alex) Presley. There’s your centerfield battle.”"

Oof. Being called out by a team exec is never good.

And whoever these “some guys” are (other than Hicks and Presley since they’ve now been publicly outed), they need to have Antony, manager Ron Gardenhire and company notice them. You can play major league baseball, you guys. All you have to do is “step up”.

Think about it. How many real “knowns” are there currently on this Twins roster? Joe Mauer, Josh Willingham, Ricky Nolasco, Glen Perkins. Okay, there’s a few more. Berardino has more details along with further quotes from Anthony.

I could say “Well, it is the Minnesota Twins”. You know, the team that over the past three seasons has posted an average record of 65-97. The same Twins team that last season, had only an even more abysmal Chicago White Sox team keeping them out of the AL Central cellar for a third straight season.

So now ask this: Should making the Twins 25-man appear to be this difficult?

Oh, and let’s not forget that the organization rewarded Gardenhire with a two-year extension last September…after a second consecutive season ending with a record of 66-96.