Yasiel Puig demonstrates his cricket bat flip


Cricket purists may want to avert their eyes as Dodgers superstar Yasiel Puig demonstrates his cricket bat flipping form.

Please Australian cricket fans, don’t be offended by this display of wanton bat flipping.

We don’t need any international incidents being set off here. Don’t take Yasiel Puig’s bat flip as a sign that baseball players and fans don’t respect your game.

On the contrary, we greatly respect it. We don’t really understand it very much, but we respect it.

To be honest, the whole thing looks weird. What’s the wicket for again?

Oh forget it, cricket will always remain completely befuddling.

Don’t take this wrong way Aussies, but the best thing that ever happened to cricket was, it evolved into baseball.

And yes, baseball evolved into a sport where players flip the bat after they hit it.

Deal with it.

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