Minor league Arkansas Travelers reveal horrifying new possum mascot


Mascots are becoming more horrifying with each passing day. The minor league Arkansas Travelers have accelerated the downward spiral into madness by unveiling their new possum mascot, Otey.

What message are the Travelers sending to the world by having a terrifying rabid possum as their mascot?

Our team will root through your garbage in search of scraps and when you come to shoo us away with a broom we will bite you on the leg and you will have to get shots!

Don’t mess with our team unless you have a varmint license!

Our team will get in a fight with your dog and tragically you will have to put him down!

What kind of nickname is the Travelers anyway? Aren’t “travelers” con artists?

The Arkansas Con Artists and their diseased overalls-wearing possum mascot? Way to dispel those long-standing stereotypes.

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