Some fool in Milwaukee shone a laser pointer at Matt Holliday’s face


Stupid goings-on in Milwaukee Monday night, and I’m not talking about the weather (Tax Day Eve snow outside the heated indoor confines of Miller Park; eff that).

No, I’m talking about the moron inside the park with the laser pointer trying to distract Matt Holliday by blasting him in the face with a green light.

What kind of idiot brings a laser pointer to a game and tries to distract players with it? Security did the right thing by tossing the buffoon.

Worst thing about this situation, now there will be more ammo for self-righteous jerks to use in their arguments that fans are getting out of hand.

Well maybe the jerks have a point now?

There have been multiple embarrassing incidents this year with fans, including the Curtis Granderson dust up in Anaheim.

Really really dumb and unnecessary, bozo fans. Trust me, you’re not cool because you can sit hundreds of feet away and hit someone in the face with a laser.

You’re just a d-bag. And you’re giving the millions of good baseball fans a bad name in the eyes of the media trolls.

Don’t feed the media trolls. Leave the laser pointers at home. Just sit down and watch the game. It’s not hard.

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