Mariners’ Kyle Seager takes worst swing in history GIF


This swing by the Mariners’ Kyle Seager may have been the single worst attempt at making contact with a baseball in major league history.

Oh my God. What?

I know the hit-and-run is on and he’s trying to protect. So technically he did the right thing by waving at that pitch almost a full second after it hit the dirt.

But man. I don’t know. At some point I think you have to weigh your options.

In that split second, you have to decide: look smart doing the wrong thing, or look stupid doing the right thing.

Seager chose the second path, and for that he is to be commended, I guess.

The problem is that, now the swing has been made into a GIF and placed on the internet.

The story is going to be, this guy from the Mariners took the weakest swing ever. You gotta SEE this thing. It could make a grown man CRY.

The problem for Seager is that soon the context will be forgotten and only the swing will remain.

The wretched, horrible, awful, ugly, weak-ass swing.

On the internet. Running on an endless loop. Forever and ever and ever.


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