Video: Yasiel Puig and Hyun-Jin Ryu mess with each other in the dugout


Yasiel Puig believes in keeping it light as we are all well aware from the endless stories written about his immaturity and improper approach to the ever-so-serious art of baseballing.

But Puig isn’t alone on the Dodgers in enjoying a bit of silliness. Apparently Hyun-jin Ryu isn’t the most serious guy either. The stuff going on between those two jokers in the Dodgers dugout Sunday night almost got into Three Stooges territory.

Puig messes with Ryu’s hair, Ryu slaps Puig with a bat handle, Puig pins Ryu to the bench and starts tickling him. All they needed was a bald fat guy to poke someone in the eye.

Now clearly that was just innocent tomfoolery between a couple of teammates who obviously are buds, but you know it will be blown up into something by the media.

Even as we speak, Bill Plaschke is hammering out a column on how Puig doesn’t take baseball seriously enough and is a terrible influence on other players.

Plaschke will call for Don Mattingly to bench Puig until he learns his lesson. There’s no tickling in baseball!

Teammates having fun during games is terrible for chemistry, as we all know.

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