Video: Ron Washington ejected for arguing review


Baseball’s expanded replay review was supposed to spell the end of managers arguing calls.

But someone forgot to tell Ron Washington and John Farrell because both managers have gotten tossed in recent days for arguing.

Washington got run from the Rangers-Mariners game Monday night after disagreeing with a reversal that gave Seattle an extra run.

On the play in question, the Rangers appeared to get a force out at home plate, but upon further review it looked like the catcher J.P. Arencibia bobbled the ball.

Under baseball’s new strict interpretation of the transfer rule, the base runner was called safe, the out was taken away and a run was given to Seattle (who already had 6 at the time and didn’t need the help).

Ron Washington thought this was a bullcrap call and came out to argue his point.

But really, Washington is arguing to the wrong people here. If he has a problem with that call, he should take it up with MLB.

The umps are just calling it the way they’ve been told to call it. Washington’s protests fell on deaf ears and he was finally tossed.

So, replay isn’t eliminating arguments after all. It’s just making them seem more futile and hopeless.

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