Poll: The American League’s top rookie for the first half

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This year’s crop of American League rookies is impressive, yet distinctive, diverse group. Some may take issue with a couple of the players I have listed for one reason. They feel they’re not actually “rookies” having played in another “professional” league in another country. (Yep. Big hint there…)

Take that for what you will.

So when the BBWAA votes for their AL Rookie of the Year, the ballot will list three names. My twist: I have four nominees. Normally, I would go with only three, but I simply couldn’t come to grips with dropping any one of the four I have listed. When you see my list, hopefully you’ll know why I couldn’t drop one of them for a conventional three, but I feel good about having four here.

The hardest thing about doing any Rookie of the Year-type voting is that you’re usually comparing position players to pitchers and vice versa. There are stats out there to aid you with this, but you still have a bit of mystery about your own vote.

As we’ve seen in RoY votes in the past, a team’s position within the standings has no bearing on the vote. Same applies to the four I have listed here.

Players are listed in alphabetical order.