MLB Power Rankings: Week 19

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The first full week after the break features the final divide between buyers and sellers, some notable trades, and a better idea of who’s actually in for the final stretch throughout August and September. For this week, the rankings will start fresh, therefore without an indicator of what “Last Week’s Rank” was to begin the second half. Here are Call to the Pen’s Power Rankings for the week of 7/37/2014:

30. Texas Rangers (41-64).

Last Week’s Record: 2-5

The struggle continues for the Rangers, but the future continues to look bright and more than likely this year is an interruption in their success. A large move was made this past week, as the Rangers traded away star relief pitcher Joakim Soria in exchange for prospects, expanding upon an already impressive farm system.

29. Chicago Cubs (42-61)

Last Week’s Record: 2-4

A pretty rough week for the Cubs but future success is not that far away. The Cubs may be able to see the high ceiling talent that can take over the MLB team as soon as next year. The Cubs’ horrid record is hard to watch this season. Yet with a protected pick and what will be a much more competitive team in 2015, it may all come to fruition and serve as a blessing in disguise.

28. Colorado Rockies (43-61)

Last Week’s Record: 3-3

It was a decent week for the Rockies. Up next they have four games against the Cuba who now have four games against the Cubs giving them a chance to play better baseball. With a great crop of pitching prospects on the way, the Rockies can become an unexpectedly scary team by next season. Tanking the rest of this year may be in the Rockies’ best interest however.

27. Houston Astros (42-63)

Last Week’s Record: 1-5

A very rough week for the ‘Stros, who suffered greatly to start the second half, including leaving 18 men on base in the weekend series against the Marlins. The Astros, who are already locked into the 2nd pick in next year’s draft, should focus on the much better future, which seems imminent.

26. Arizona Diamondbacks (45-60)

Last Week’s Record: 2-4

The D’Backs hitting has not been a problem which is a positive sign when a pitching heavy future lies ahead. A high draft pick for next season will continue to facilitate the future of the D’Backs.

25. Philadelphia Phillies (46-59)

Last Week’s Record: 3-4

The Phillies would be making a mistake if they do not trade the bulk of their valuable pieces. The future for the aging veterans on the team is becoming shorter by the day. In a seller’s market, it would be best for Philadelphia to deal away this week.

24. San Diego Padres (46-58)

Last Week’s Record: 3-3

The Pads picked up a series win and also picked up a bat in Yangervis Solarte. An allocation toward offensive prospects both at the deadline and in the offseason can work wonders for a team with a strong pitching staff already.

23. Minnesota Twins (47-57)

Last Week’s Record: 3-4

Selling high is the key for the Twins should they decide to move Kurt Suzuki. A move that can further beef up an already dominant farm system. The change for the Twins should start to come to fruition as soon as next year, where an improved team can take the AL Central by storm.

22. Boston Red Sox (48-57)

Last Week’s Record: 2-5

For a team that’s always on the brink of contention, trading Jon Lester can be a great idea, especially if they get an offer that the front office is willing to jump on. An already strong farm system can make a Lester trade seem rather minuscule down the road. There is even a chance they could get Lester back over the offseason. He has said that he’d be interested in returning to Boston even if traded.

21. New York Mets (50-55)

Last Week’s Record: 4-3

Splitting a series in Milwaukee is surely a high point, but the Mets are in the midst of another lost season. While they are armed with high ceiling pitchers in the minors the long term is not looking consistently great in Queens, prompting the need for quick change in the offseason.