Brian Cashman, Yankees have new contract in the works


Long-time New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman’s contract with the team ends on Oct. 31, 2014 and so far no new contract has been negotiated.

Still, there had been reports earlier this year that despite the Yankees recent struggles Cashman’s job was safe. He has a strong relationship with the Steinbrenner family and has had an enormous amount of success with the Yankees over the past 17 seasons.

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The only times that the Yankees have missed the playoffs in consecutive seasons under Cashman has been  in 1992-1993 and the current two-season run that the Yankees are currently on. The Yankees don’t often miss the postseason especially under Brian Cashman’s watch.

Fortunately for Cashman, it appears that Hal Steinbrenner and the Stienbrenner family know and understand this. According to Buster Olney of ESPN, a source close to the team said that the Yankees are in the process of working out a contract extension to retain Cashman as their general manager.

They see Cashman as the right man to help rebuild the aging Bronx Bombers. He is an experienced, solid, good investment for the New York Yankees.