Tampa Bay Rays sign Eugenio Velez, Bobby Wilson, Corey Brown


The Tampa Bay Rays announced three new signings Friday:

Corey Brown has appeared in just 39 games in The Show over the past four years. He debuted in 2011 with the Washington Nationals and has been going back and forth between Triple-A and the major league stage since. He holds a .249 average through 1700 minor league at-bats. Brown entered free agency in January of 2014 and signed with the Boston Red Sox. He played 91 games in Pawtucket and joined the Red Sox for three major league games before being granted free agency again in September.

Bobby Wilson made his big league debut in 2008 with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. In six years he’s seen 193 games and owns a .209/.271/.321 slash line. This past year with the Diamondbacks Triple-A affiliate Reno Aces, Wilson posted .267/.324/.341 over 270 at-bats. He was granted free agency in October. The Rays will be the fifth team that Wilson has signed with since 2002.

At the same level as Wilson, Eugenio Velez hit .309/.363/.441 over 440 at-bats. Velez hasn’t seen major league play since 2011. He can be considered unforgettable to Giants fans and most Dodgers fans are still trying to forget him. In his first three seasons with San Francisco, Velez was batting .263 with a .701 OPS. Velez took a hard fall following 2010, dropping to .164 and .555.

He signed with the Dodgers in 2010 from free agency and posted .339 over 55 at-bats in the minors, was called up, and posted a batting average of .000. Velez, walked twice and hit by pitch, was unable to post a number since he failed to get 37 at-bats. He’s an astonishing 1 for 66 in the majors (.015).  Velez has got the glove to fit the versatility needs for the Rays since they’ve sent Sean Rodriguez to Pittsburgh. His bat is a completely different story.