Derek Jeter, Bryce Harper featured in new Gatorade ad


Aggressive marketing efforts have long been a staple associated with Gatorade. They’ve come in numerous forms over the years – television ads, magazines, billboards, you name it – but the common theme running through them has been the seemingly perfect marriage between the world’s most popular sports drink and the professional athlete. Derek Jeter, Bryce Harper, Michael Jordan, and countless other professional and amateur athletes have been featured in Gatorade’s ads over the year.

In 2015, Gatorade will celebrate it’s 50th anniversary and they are kicking things off with a brand new commercial, simply entitled “50”, that will premiere today.

You can watch the new ad, in full, below.

Jeter, Harper, and numerous others from across the sporting world – both past and present – appear throughout the new ad as they count up from 1 to 50, highlighting both memorable moments and players over the course of the company’s history. Gatorade has spent 50 years redefining how athletes recover within the game and reshaping how companies use professionals to market their product. The company’s out done themselves again with “50” and appear primed to be a part of many, many more moments.