Ranking the Top 5 Starting Rotations in MLB for 2015

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Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

An unusually warm February on the West Coast (sorry, East Coasters) kick-started the baseball itch that lies within me and many others. A feeling that carries fond memories of going down to the park to play ball with my neighbors, flipping on the television for a King Felix matchup, or gathering the gang and cruising down to the ballpark for a matinee. With this itch comes a time to analyze every player, coach, manager, trade, or signing that will bolster your team into hopes of baseball in October, starting with the pitchers.

Starting pitchers. They are the frontmen of almost every baseball team out there. Headlining each game by being the first to the mound, a group of five starters rotate daily, playing a vital role in the outcome of that day’s game.

To be a successful team, a starting rotation needs not only a star leader, but a full cast of arms that day in and day out a manager can rely on to give their team a solid outing. Here is a ranking of how I see fit Major League Baseball’s top five projected starting rotations, graded in terms of balance, skill, history, and performance.