6 Teams That Regretfully Passed on Clayton Kershaw in 2006 MLB Draft

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2. Colorado Rockies

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Maybe the most interesting scenario for Kershaw would have been if he was drafted second overall by the Rockies. Imagine the best pitcher in baseball forced to take the mound for half of his season’s starts at Coors Field. Would he still put up great numbers? Would he get so frustrated that it would affect his game? Would he end up in a trade once able to demand such?

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Whatever the outcome, evidence suggests Kershaw wouldn’t be the man we know him as now. In 15 lifetime starts in Denver, his ERA is 4.58 — over two full points higher than his overall career ERA. Aside from at Dodger Stadium, he has not given up more home runs (12) or bases on balls (29) than he has at Coors Field in his career.

Rather than drafting Kershaw, the Rockies selected pitcher Greg Reynolds who only pitched in 33 big league games. In 2006, the Rockies’ best starting pitcher was Jason Jennings, who was not exactly a household name. The lineup was fairly stable with names like Matt Holliday, Garrett Atkins, Brad Hawpe and Todd Helton being regular contributors. But much like the Royals, it’s a wonder why their scouting department failed them and gave higher grades to Reynolds than they did Kershaw.