Miami Marlins Austin Nola Playing for Name on Front and Back of Jersey


It is an exciting time for any prospect when they find themselves promoted to AAA. There, just one step away from achieving their lifelong dream of playing in the majors, that goal becomes more than some hope for the future. That last step took place recently for Miami Marlins minor leaguer Austin Nola, as he was promoted to the New Orleans Zephyrs.

Normally, a promotion like this would not be overly notable. Nola is not exactly a top prospect, and produced a .211/.286/.281 batting line. With a total of four home runs and 19 stolen bases in his four year career, paired with a career .234/.331/.303 batting line, Nola is not exactly an intriguing prospect.

However, even with his less than exciting batting line, Nola still became notable this past week. Given the team that he plays for being in New Orleans, Nola has the unique distinction of having his last name on both the front and back of his jersey.

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The reason for this is that the New Orleans Zephyrs have used the abbreviated NOLA across the front, instead of having New Orleans written out in full. In a world where Star Wars themed uniforms and other assorted unique designs are the norm, Austin Nola getting to wear his last name across the front and the back of his jersey is rather noteworthy.

There have been other chances where this could have happened, but those opportunities passed by without being taken advantage of. Daryl Boston had a ten year major league career, but never played for the Red Sox. Austin’s brother Aaron Nola pitches in the Phillies system, but since he is considered one of Philadelphia’s top prospects, is not likely to join his brother in New Orleans.

The minor leagues are filled with any number of entertaining jerseys and logos. In this case, with Miami Marlins minor leaguer Austin Nola, just the regular jersey and his name made for a truly unique moment.

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