Carlos Gomez injury leaves Houston Astros in a world of hurt


The Houston Astros are making all sorts of headlines lately. First it was the promotion of Matt Duffy in light of long-time top first-base prospect Jon Singleton, now it is the finicky injury situation of Carlos Gomez.

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After hitting the ground crawling, Gomez was finally starting to find his stride with the Houston Astros. The hot-headed center fielder had hit safely in 14 of his last 16 games including some crucial stretches where he almost single-handedly pulled the Houston Astros out of their slump.

Gomez went from a liability in the lineup to the cleanup hitter on a team that is anchored by power and strikeouts. His consistency was found in the fact that he does not strike out, something that the Houston Astros sorely need. With George Springer, Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa setting the table, they needed someone who could put the ball in play and move baserunners, not put up the trifecta of whiffs and kill the rally. Carlos Gomez is no rally killer.

The injury is an intercostal strain and according to various sources, will not keep him out longer than a few days. Hopefully that is that and he will return and no steps will be missed. However, things are not always that easy. Some speculate that the injury could worsen if not treated properly and one day of rest hardly seems like proper treatment. Seeing as how the injury pertains to the ribs, it can hamper most aspects of the game, and of life in general.

Carlos Gomez is going to find a hard time establishing a swing with a tinge in the muscles in his rib cage. They effect how much power he can put into rotating during his swing.

Despite the injury being classified as ‘day-to-day’ it is still worrisome in terms of location and timing. The Houston Astros actually need Carlos Gomez in their lineup. He has been orchestrating their recent success.

Even if the injury is not awful and he does return in a couple of days, there is no guarantee that he will return in perfect condition. Gomez is a guy that wants to play all the time. Even if he is not 100%, he is going to find a way onto the field. Having even a few days off can rupture the streak he was on, not just physically but mentally. With how hard Gomez swings, he is going to need his intercostal muscles in ship shape. Even the smallest discomfort will throw everything off.

Mentally, suddenly he may not feel confident swinging like he was because of that pain. Maybe he fights through the mental aspects and re-injures himself. There are a world of possibilities, none of which look particularly bright and happy.

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