The New York Mets should not re-sign Yoenis Cespedes


Few have made such an immediate impact on their new team following the trade deadline than Yoenis Cespedes. The New York Mets acquired Cespedes almost out of desperation when a move for Jay Bruce fell through and they were desperately seeking some avenue by which to pursue a much-needed power bat.

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They acquired Yoenis Cespedes knowing full well how expensive he was going to be. His contract is up at the end of the year and many considered him a rental, and a high-priced one at that. But since that time, Yoenis Cespedes has indicated his love for New York City, his desire to stay and he has put up superb numbers to help his case. However, lately, it has not been so cut and dry. When asked if he wants to remain in New York, Cespedes seemed to have taken a few steps back. “At the moment I’m not thinking about any of that … I’d say 50-50. We’ll see after the season ends,” he said via ESPN.

Cespedes has indicated that he is going to seek one of those massive deals in order to remain in the Apple. According to ESPN, he wants at least 6 years on a new deal, which will lock him in until he is 35. It will obviously have to be a massive money deal as well.

Yoenis Cespedes has made it know that he has done all he can to make it easier for the New York Mets to sign him. However, it is not a matter of making it easier. The New York Mets caught lightning in a bottle with Cespedes. They invigorated him with a playoff chase and he has responded admirably. However, history shows that Cespedes is not this good and that he may just be riding a huge momentum wave. His OPS is higher than it has ever been, .200 over his career average. 

There is no downplaying the massive impact that Cespedes has had on this New York Mets’ organization and he will continue to play a huge part as the season winds down and into the playoffs. But once he secures his big-money deal, his average will dip back down to .250 and his power numbers could falter as well. He would not be the first casualty of a big deal. Then the New York Mets are stuck with him, trying to figure out if someone will eat his contract should things not go right.

While Yoenis Cespedes was a perfect solution to the New York Mets problem, you could argue that the return of David Wright and Lucas Duda had the same effect. It is just that Cespedes was used to bridge the gap and give the Mets some momentum prior to their offensive keystones returning.

The New York Mets cannot feel pressured into signing Cespedes. He has become a fan favorite, sure, but they have no need to shell out huge wads of cash on a guy that has no track record of performing this well.

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