Miami Marlins continuing to ignore Ivan Rodriguez as managerial candidate


The Miami Marlins need an injection. They need something to kick up the dust a little and motivate a team that continues to underwhelm. Giancarlo Stanton is a fantastic talent to build around but even beyond players, they need a manager that fits the club. Letting GM Dan Jennings take over as manager came across and followed through just like it should have – as a joke. He had not managed a club since he was a high school coach 30 years ago.

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Now, the Miami Marlins are undoing that joke in the way we all saw coming. They are asking Jennings to relinquish his job as manager and it is expected that they will not look for him to continue as GM either.

As such, the managerial search begins again. I covered back in May how the Miami Marlins missed out on a grand opportunity to appoint the perfect manager in Ivan ‘Pudge’ Rodriguez. The Marlins now look ready to make the same mistake a second time.

The reported candidates for the Miami Marlins’ job are Dusty Baker and Manny Acta. Dusty Baker was of course the former manager of the Chicago Cubs who was unable to lead them to much success. He was then head of the Cincinnati Reds for 5 years, where he saw decent, if stunted, success.

Manny Acta has not managed since 2012, when he was relieved of his managing duties with the Cleveland Indians after 2 years.

The Miami Marlins are looking at traditional managers for a non-traditional team in an era of baseball that is well, non-traditional. Ivan Rodriguez must be the next Miami Marlin’s manager. If they want what is best for the club and what is best for their young roster of growing players, then a manager who is not so far removed from the game is perfect. Not only that, but no one has managed more games during his time as a player than Ivan Rodriguez.

The catcher is referred to as manager on the field. Pudge has caught more games than anyone in the history of the game and that is a record that does look to be broken. Pudge understands how to handle a pitching staff, he understands what it is like to be a player and to have success. Pudge won the World Series in a most improbable season with the then Florida Marlins and has always been a favorite within the club.

The Miami Marlins cannot botch their managerial appointment again. Dan Jennings did very little for the present or future of this club. He seemed like a placeholder until the front office could fully turn their attentions to the managerial search. Now, it is up to them to start something that will build a future for this Miami Marlins’ organization.

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