Chicago Cubs’ Fowler Signing Likely Paves the Way For Soler Trade


After signing outfielder Dexter Fowler, the Cubs have a very good problem: they have too many talented hitters. This sounds strange, but they have more good hitters than they have spots on the field. Jorge Soler seems like the odd-man out as he has great trade value and is relatively young.

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He’s attracted a lot of attention from opposing teams in the past and will again if he’s made available. The Cubs are still looking for young, team-controlled starting pitching to add to their already improved starting pitching arsenal.

If they include a top prospect like Gleyber Torres with Soler, the Cubs could land a very good No. 2 pitcher, or possibly an ace depending on the team. Carlos Carrasco of the Indians is a player to keep an eye on.

Sep 30, 2015; Cleveland, OH, USA; Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Carlos Carrasco (59) delivers in the second inning against the Minnesota Twins at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
Carlos Carrasco could be a target for the Cubs if they decide to trade Soler. David Richard, USA TODAY Sports /

Soler has been injury prone in his career, but when he’s played, he’s shown flashes of brilliance. He rarely gets cheated at the plate and seems to make solid contact in most of his at bats. His struggles playing in cold weather could be problematic in October, though.

He’s not a good defender, although he does have an arm that is well above average. His bat outweighs all of that, though. Teams are going to be interested in a guy who can hit .280 and hit 20-30 home runs. Obviously, he hasn’t broken out with a season like that, but the potential is there.

If the Cubs can get another starting pitcher to add to the rotation in exchange for Soler, they would be well-served jumping on that opportunity. It would further solidify the team as a top contender and make them an even bigger favorite to win it all.

There is a risk in trading Soler, though. Fowler is only in Chicago on a one-year deal, so if he walks after the season and the Cubs don’t win it all, they shipped off Soler for a shot at one title. Obviously, the way this team is built sets them up for long-term success, but having neither Fowler nor Soler in the future wouldn’t bode well.

Only time will tell if a trade is actually completed, but with recent moves made by the team, it certainly seems like one could be coming in the near future.