MLB History: Ten Greatest Nicknames in Baseball History

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Mandatory Credit: Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

The history of the MLB is littered with quite a few colorful nicknames. Let us take a look at the ten best sobriquets bestowed in baseball history.

Nicknames have a special place in our society. Few people are called by their actual name, usually being referred to by a shortened version of their given name, or by a name given due to their ancestry or some event in the past. In quite a few cases, that person may be well known by the nickname, but not by their actual first name.

The same can be said when it comes to baseball. Nicknames become a part of who these players are. It may take a few seconds to realize who George Herman Ruth was, but when someone says Babe Ruth, the image of tape measure home runs immediately comes to mind.

While Ruth may be better known by his nickname, some of the best sobriquets belong to some lesser known players. these players, who toiled in relative obscurity, may not be remembered at this point in time if not for the colorful names bestowed upon them.

Let’s take a trek through the annuls of baseball and look at the best nicknames in MLB history.

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