MLB: Designated Hitter Options for the NL East

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In the discussion of who can bring the designated hitter to the National League, one of the arguments against such a move is the roster adjustments teams in the Senior Circuit would have to make to prepare for such a move.

Balderdash! There are players on every roster who can take over the role starting in 2017. This slide show discussed specifically the East Division; you can checkout the NL West and NL Central as well.

The players listed are under contract to their current teams at least through next season, but there’s a wide pay gap among them. Some are on the list to help prolong their careers; an unintended consequence of the DH when it was implemented in the American League 40-plus years ago. Some are, arguably, on a Hall-Of Fame career trajectory, while others could use a boost from the DH, and a few might need the at-bats to keep their jobs. Some are Gold Glovers defensively; there may be a player or two for whom there is no such thing as a “routine play.”

So, let’s get this show on the road!

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