The Cleveland Indians Should Just Pack Up and Go Home

If you believe the stuff I’m reading and hearing, especially from the commentators on Sirius XM MLB Radio, the World Series is over and it’s time to turn our attention to football. And it all stems from the fact that the Cleveland Indians arrive in Chicago at 1-1 and not 2-0. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The scenario goes something like this. It begins with the start by Trevor Bauer which ESPN reported this way:

Starting Game 2, Bauer had nothing, and the Indians lost 5-1 to the Cubs. In the nearly three weeks since he cut open his right pinkie trying to fix his drone, Bauer had pitched just two-thirds of an inning. He looked rusty and wasn’t helped by the chilly weather, but he again let his team down. He lasted just 3⅔ innings and allowed two earned runs on six hits — and he was lucky it wasn’t worse.

Now, it could very well turn out that Trevor Bauer becomes the goat of the series if the Cleveland Indians lose. Because the incident involving a cut on his pitching hand while fixing his drone must still be smarting his teammates and Indians management to no end.

Nevertheless, a split at home by the Indians is being made to sound like the Russians are coming, when in fact 51.4 percent of the 105 World Series played were tied at one apiece. It’s also a fact that the Indians have a lot to overcome in the next few days if they are going to prove the skeptics wrong.

The Indians Do Face Challenges

For one, they are entering a scene of sheer bedlam in Chicago. Taverns and restaurants are reportedly charging as much as $100 for the privilege of sitting on one of their bar stools to watch the game on TV and suck on a beer with some friends. And the crowd inside Wrigley will be frenzied for sure.

But is this something that the Indians haven’t faced and overcome before? Funny, can’t anyone recall the same thing being said a week or so ago when they went to Toronto? It’s a false concept that only weak and unprepared teams let get to them. And if there’s one thing that Terry Francona‘s teams are not, it’s unprepared.

But it’s also being said that the Indians have another huge hurdle to overcome due to the “fact” that they are facing the second coming of Cy Young in Game 3 when flame thrower Kyle Hendricks takes the mound to square off against “junkballer” Josh Tomlin.

Henricks is a premier pitcher and only 13 pitchers had more than his 21 quality starts (six or more innings and three earned runs or fewer). But Tomlin is no pushover and the same record shows that 17 of his 30 outings were quality starts as well.

Here’s the thing. As far as I know, Game 3 is set to get underway at 8:08 PM ET tonight. The first pitch has yet to be thrown. Let alone the fact that at least two more games will have to be played on the field before anything is settled.

Analyzing games that are being played or have been played is one thing. But analyzing and then predicting the outcome of games that haven’t even begun yet is quite another (and annoying) thing. They charge $10 a minute on the phone to get that stuff from some self-proclaimed “seers” of the future.

Newsflash: the World Series is not over. In fact, it’s just begun.