MLB Free Agency: Under the Radar Options Across the Outfield

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Just because the free agency class in the MLB may be considered a bit weak does not mean that there won’t be a few bargains. Let’s take a look at some of the other alternatives across the outfield.

A few days ago, one big-name free agent outfielder officially left the market. Multiple sources reported that outfielder Josh Reddick and the Astros agreed to a four-year deal, which officially took his name out of free agency discussion. There is still plenty of time and plenty of names available, some big and some not so big.

While the big names will get a majority of the love, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other options. Not every team needs a Cespedes or a Fowler to get by. Those teams can get by with other notable names across the outfield.

Some outfielders that are available have previously been MVP candidates. Some have won Gold Glove awards and have made appearances in All-Star Games. All three of these players have excelled in their own ways, but have hit roadblocks in their careers that have hindered their production. These players go into the offseason looking to find new homes. These outfielders are looking to rejuvenate their careers in new roles, on new teams, and in new environments.

Here are the top under-the-radar free agents across the outfield: