MLB Free Agency: Best Options for Dexter Fowler

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David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

The cold of winter won’t stop the MLB hot stove. For Dexter Fowler, plenty of suitors look to strike a deal. Many teams are interested, but today we look at the three best options for the World Series-winning outfielder.

As the MLB offseason rolls toward the Winter Meetings, we have yet to see many major roster moves. Many of the big-name free agents are still on the market with plenty of time left to go. However, players and agents have begun to meet with prospective teams, and many clubs have reportedly expressed interest in several key players. Last year, Dexter Fowler was a polar opposite of the free agent he is now. Fowler was not widely considered, and it wasn’t until late February that the veteran outfielder received some sort of offer. Fowler originally had a deal in place with Baltimore before re-signing with the Cubs.

This offseason, the amount of big-name free agents is incredibly low, which makes Fowler a huge target for potential suitors. Fowler is likely going to receive much recognition from a wide variety of teams. Fowler has stayed relatively consistent throughout his time with Colorado, Houston, and Chicago, which will certainly bode well for interested teams. The Cubs’ interest in Charlie Blackmon means Fowler is likely going to a new home, and there are several options for the 30-year-old outfielder.

Fowler brings the potential for stolen bases, a high walk rate, and a high on-base percentage. At 30 years old, his best years may still be ahead of him. Fowler has mainly played center field, but can also transition to right field if needed. With the Cubs likely out of the equation, it’s time to look at where Fowler could potentially go.

Here are the most likely suitors for outfielder Dexter Fowler:

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