CttP Podcast #3: Justin Verlander trade rumors, Joe Maddon a bad manager?

CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 05: Manager Joe Maddon
CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 05: Manager Joe Maddon /

Welcome to the third episode of the Call to the Pen flagship podcast! New episodes Monday and Wednesday. Today we discuss a potential Justin Verlander trade and Joe Maddon’s failures as a manager.

In today’s episode, host and Call to the Pen contributor Jonathan Platek discusses the possibility of a Justin Verlander trade, with the Houston Astros as a potential partner. He also discusses an article from Call to the Pen contributor David Hill about the Brewers moving reliever Josh Hader into the rotation.

Jon also discusses the various managing failures of Cubs manager

Joe Maddon

, detailing the manager’s woes in 2016, the 2016 postseason as a whole, the 2016 World Series in particular, and his ongoing frustrating and poor decisions in 2017. Jon breaks down exactly why the Cubs lost to the Nationals on Sunday, placing blame for the loss directly at the feet of Maddon.

Here’s what is going on in today’s episode:

  • 0:00—6:00: Intro and Scoreboard
  • 6:01—11:30: Jon discusses the various flaws surrounding Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon, setting up an explanation for why Sunday’s loss to the Nationals is squarely on him. Jon details Maddon’s lineup miscues with Kyle Schwarber, and highlights how easily Maddon’s failures are excused by Cubs fans and baseball pundits in general because Maddon has developed a reputation as a “cool, player’s manager”. Maddon may be likable, but he still routinely makes bad decisions.
  • 11:31—24:30: Jon discusses the objective facts behind Joe Maddon’s managing woes, detailing how poor Maddon is at using his relievers in the best positions possible. Jon explains how poor Maddon is at using his best relievers in situations where outs would be most beneficial to the team (leverage). How is it that Maddon can get a pass for such buffoonery on the regular?

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  • 24:31—Close: What’s Hot on Call to the Pen. Jon discusses and breaks down some great columns and content from Call to the Pen contributors. The posts discussed are linked below.
    • First up is a piece from contributor Brandon Nickel discussing the possibility of a Justin Verlander trade after the deadline. Who could be in on the Verlander sweepstakes after he wasn’t moved a week ago? Jon also discusses the possible pitfalls of a waiver trade, centering on the White Sox’ acquisition of Alex Rios in 2009.
    • Then is a column from David Hill discussing a move the Brewers could make with lights-out reliever Josh Hader that could prime them for a run at the NL Central title. Though Hader has been electric this season, Jon discusses the possible lurking regression that could make Harder’s appearance in the rotation a disaster.