MLB May Have a Pitch Clock Sooner than Expected

BALTIMORE - APRIL 6: Curt Schilling
BALTIMORE - APRIL 6: Curt Schilling /

As MLB looks to speed up the game, one of the recurring ideas involves instituting a pitch clock. That pitch clock appears to be coming sooner rather than later.

One of the biggest criticisms about baseball is the pace of the game. “The game is too slow,” the naysayers proclaim, siting how the average MLB game takes over three hours to play. Of course, an NFL game takes over three hours as well, with a few seconds of action surrounded by nearly a minute of nothing, but I digress…

At any rate, this pace of play has been one of the biggest concerns for MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. There have been a number of proposals designed to quicken the game, from eliminating the intentional walk to limiting mound visits. The one proposal that has generated the most debate, however, has been the idea of a pitch clock.

This idea has been fraught with controversy since it was first mentioned. Players such as Jon Lester have been vocal in their opposition, claiming it interferes with the natural cat and mouse game between pitchers and hitters. Nonetheless, the minor leagues were a testing ground for the pitch clock, with quite positive results.

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Despite the objections of pitchers like Lester, the pitch clock may be coming to an MLB game sooner rather than later. The Player’s Union and MLB are working together to come to an agreement to bring the pitch clock, with different ideas being bandied about in regards to the usage.

The fact that the dialogue was considered positive by both sides speaks volumes. Baseball has enjoyed an unprecedented labor peace, as both sides are working together to improve the game. This is a change from back in February, when Manfred stated that the game could unilaterally impose changes, which Union President Tony Clark vehemently disagreed with.

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A pitch clock may be coming to MLB games in the near future. If it does, this will be a joint decision.