Detroit Tigers: Possible Jose Iglesias Trade Destinations

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Arizona Diamondbacks

The Arizona Diamondbacks aren’t in dire need of a shortstop. But adding Iglesias would give them another option. More importantly, their infield depth improves.

The final chapter of the 2017 season isn’t written yet. If they fail to win it all, the offseason should focus on plugging extra holes and adding as much talent as possible. Iglesias is one option they could look at.

Arizona already employs Ketel Marte, Chris Owings and utility man Nick Ahmed as shortstop options. None of them are all that impressive. Marte, the youngest of them, would probably be their top choice considering his solid 2017 performance over about half a season. He didn’t hit with much power or for a very high batting average, but Marte did draw lots of walks and finish with a .345 OBP.

In some ways, Marte is a younger version of Iglesias already. Trading for Iglesias might not be the direction they go with all the other choices they already have on the roster. The difference between Iglesias and the three shortstops already on the Diamondbacks is that everyone knows he is an MLB starter. The others are still trying to find their footing.

An early bounce from the postseason could mean the Diamondbacks make some drastic changes to the roster. We should expect the core to stay in place. It’s those other, less notable players who could see themselves traded and replaced with veterans from other teams.